“A life on Earth is the opportunity to create authentic power.” – Gary Zukov


At a time when significant shifts are happening in abundance in the world and in our personal lives, it’s essential more than ever  to remember that we are Spirit, and to live accordingly.


Yes, I’m talking about the very essence of who you are.  That part of you that is uniquely you.  I’m talking about authentic you.


We are Spirit living the gift of human incarnation, and, whether we’re at home, school, the grocery store, work, the park, or wherever life takes us, we are in session.  We are here to embrace all aspects of our humanity.


As Spirit In Session, I speak and write on the subject of authentic-self awareness to inspire and support you in coming back from any devastating blow in life.


In my life, suicide was that sucker-punch.


I know the long term effects of trauma when left unattended, especially after the initial shock wears off…


I also know the benefits and rewards on the other side of trauma and am committed to sharing what I’ve learned from my journey to inspire authentic you to get back up and get moving again.


What inspired me to create Spirit In Session?  Click here.


In each moment, with each breath we take, we are given the opportunity to Love and to bring more Light to the world.



Simply by being authentic.


Did you know that when you show up in life bringing love to everything you do, you’re raising the vibe of hundreds of thousands of people in that given moment?


Love is the highest frequency on the planet.


You don’t have a monopoly on what you do, but you do have a responsibility to express your authentic version of it. There’s only one you, and you are essential.


You matter.

Let’s do this.


We are One.  We are Love.  We are Spirit In Session.