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Here’s a quick sketch of my back story:


When I was sixteen-years-old, my mother died by suicide.  I was impacted by the shame, anger, frustration, despair, sadness, and every emotion that accompanies this trauma and had no support in feeling or expressing them – my siblings and I were denied the space to grieve.


As a result, I not only lost my family but my sense of self, as well. The emotional density within me became so heavy, I felt I was doomed to a life of unhappiness, no matter what good was happening around me. In my darkest moment, I considered ending my suffering.


However, it’s true that it’s always darkest before the dawn. And here’s what was brought into the light:


A quest for healing and an incredible journey back to my authentic-self.

In my journey, I discovered:

3 PROVEN STRATEGIES to inspire you to get unstuck, to claim your life and to consciously be the beneficial presence you are on the planet.  303-437-9734


Suicide isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. and it’s certainly not the deeply-ingrained ancient beliefs that we’ve adopted as a society.


How did I get here?

My awareness expanded after birthing two extraordinary Beings in the world – Mel and Suzy, and I became the mother I always wanted.


Their love cracked open my heart (still does!) and inspired me to participate in my own soul-healing through a myriad workshops, books, retreats, and Master Teachers (so many!).


I soon became keenly aware that no matter how many workshops I’d attended, how many books I’d read, how many retreats I’d participated in and how many teachers I had – nothing was going take unless I did the work.


My ego was content on getting everything on an intellectual level.  My spirit, however, insisted I get it in my heart.


I discovered courage.

I did the work.


And I’ve come through more evolved, more compassionate, wiser, and with a greater capacity to Love, to forgive, and to accept that Life is actually for us.


Spirit In Session was born as a result of completing my journey. I know the power of our spirit – our authentic self – and am committed to spreading my message to the world that no matter what devastating blow you’ve received in Life, there is a way back to your authentic self and to enjoy Life again. You’ve got what it takes.


We are in this together.  We are One.  We are Spirit In Session.



Life School (1963-Present)

Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre at California State University, Northridge(1987)


Speaking Engagements

“Learning to Love You; More than Suicide Awareness” – Pawnee School, Grover, CO (2017)

“Suicide; We’re Breaking this Down” – Women of Evergreen Businesses (W.E.B.), Evergreen, CO (2017)

“Suicide; We’re Breaking this Down” – Evergreen Library, Evergreen, CO (2017)

“Love, Suicide, and the Resurrection of my Heart” – Church of the Transfiguration, Evergreen, CO (2017)

“Diversity through the Lens of Oneness” – Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO (2017) – Keynote Speaker

“Su-i-cide; We’re Breaking This Down” – Crescenta Valley High School, La Crescenta, CA (2017)

“Learning to Love You; More Than Suicide Awareness” – Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO (2016)

“Su-i-cide; We’re Breaking This Down” – Continental League Diversity Conference, Denver (2016)

“An Artist’s Community Begins Within” – Center of the Arts, Evergreen, CO (2008)

I would recommend Laura to lead any important event and would trust her with any group.”  -BS, Colorado



Melanie DiMinno  – born 1997
Suzy DiMinno – born 1999


Workshops and Training

The Healing Power of Authenticity
Workshop facilitated by Dr. Sue Morter (2015)

Landmark Education (1998-2004)
The Landmark Forum
Seminar: Commitment – The Pathway to Adventure
Communication:  Access to Power
Communication:  Power to Create
Seminar:  Causing the Miraculous – A New Realm of Possibility

Soul Healing Workshop by The Living Arts Foundation

Systemic Constellation Workshop in the tradition of Bert Hellinger
Guest Facilitator – Sneh Victoria Schnabel (2003)
Guest Facilitator – Daan Van Kampenhout (2005)

Sonia Choquette, PhD – Revolutionary Psychic, Vibrational Alchemist, Healer and Teacher

Trust Your Vibes workshop in San Diego, CA (2005)
Wake Up Your Spirit! workshop in Denver, CO (2006)
Translucent YOU! journey in Kauai, HI – co-created with Cuky Choquette, Director (2007)
Six Sensory Certification Training Level I in Chicago, IL (2008)
The Answer is Simple workshop in Denver, CO (2009)


Published Freelance Writing Experience

Huffington Post (guest blogger) – (click here)

Love, Laura Blog (click here)

Colorado Serenity Magazine (2004 – 2006, 2013)

Monthly Serial
Featured Articles
Business of the Month Columns
Business of the Year Columns

Mountain Connection(2005, 2009)


Facilitator Experience

Treasure Hunt for Kids (program I created to inspire children to recognize, listen to, and follow their intuition)

Wilmot Elementary School, Evergreen, CO (2008)
Collage, Morrison, CO (2009)
Collage, Morrison, CO (2010)

sign created by Sande Womack

(Sign created by Sande Womack)

Rush (Jumping Bean) had a wonderful time at camp today.  After a tearful goodbye when I left him, he really seemed to let go and get into the spirit of the camp.  When I picked him up he told me that he didn’t want to leave, and that he wished the camp was all day long.  I think that’s a success for a five-year-old.”  – Camper’s mom


She has begun to really use the tools that she learned in camp.  We just love how she is making the connection with her spirit and her brain.  She has been full of questions and wonderment and curiosity about her spirit, Mother Nature and God.  It is such wonderful journey and she is leading us down a path that we are overjoyed to be traveling. Thank you so much!!!  We can’t wait for Spirit Camp next year!!” – Camper’s mom

Six Sensory Denver Family & Friends (2010) – Monthly gatherings for a year

Heart’s Desire Workshop (2010)

Celebrate Intuition! Monthly Gatherings (2009)

Laura is a natural at teaching something she believes in and practices herself.” – DCH, CO



Ordained through the Universal Life Church – We are all children of the same universe.”


Everyone enjoyed the ceremony and the celebration afterwards, in part because of the grace and depth that Laura offered in leading the event.” – S, Colorado


Laura thoughtfully and joyfully guided the couple through their vows with warmth, ease and humor.”  – B, Colorado


Laura, you made our day!” – CL, Colorado


If you’ve made it this far with me, thank you SO MUCH for being here!

It is my passion and intention for you to have an uplifting, inspiring experience that supports you in being authentic with every breath, thought, word and action you take.

Here’s to you; AUTHENTIC YOU!